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BMX stands for ‘Bicycle Motocross’ so it should come as little surprise that BMX bikes themselves are best known for being piloted over jumps and ripping around berms, much like their petrol-powered cousins.

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Perfect to perform your acrobatic freestyle moves and practice every day. If the regular saddle is not according to our taste you can check this best saddle for endurance riding that will give a unique shape to your favorite BMX.

For fancy riders who like the Tony Hawk branding, you can check below one of the BMX bikes belong to this branding line.

Unfortunately the Haro BMX are not available for sale on Amazon at this moment. You should go and check the models available on their site.

As a kid, I’d always wanted a BMX bike, but my family could never afford one. I chose to acquire one even though I’m too old for one for my short commute to university. I ended up spending $149.99 at KMart on a Tony Hawk Boom Boom Huckjam 20-inch Silver BMX bike. I saw it on sale for $134.99 at KMart. (As a side note, KMart provides the worst customer service I’ve ever encountered).

After roughly a month of riding, here’s a quick review of the bike. The bike is part of a Tony Hawk Huckjam line of BMX and mountain bikes, albeit it is not currently included on the website’s bike list. Dynacraft manufactures and distributes these motorcycles. I didn’t have to put this together because I purchased it “as is” from KMart.

There are hand brakes in the front and back, but no coaster brakes (good). There were two primary reasons for my desire to purchase a BMX bike. For starters, they are typically lighter than mountain bikes. Despite being lighter than mountain bikes, this bike is still heavier than most BMX bikes. Even the four freestyle pegs that come with it and can be removed are somewhat heavy. According to Amazon, the bike’s delivery weight is 43.2 pounds, putting it at around 38 pounds. I had hoped to find a bike that weighed less than 30 pounds. My height is the second reason.

I’m 38 years old, and I’m most at ease riding a bike when my feet are flat on the ground and I’m seated. It’s also safer when I can rapidly plant my feet during quick stops and other situations. A 20-inch BMX bike will suffice. I did, however, have to adjust the seat to its highest position. I didn’t want to spend too much money on this bike because I only use it for transit and entertainment, not for fitness. I had hoped to locate a bike for under $100, but finding one that I loved at that price proved challenging.

All of the Mongoose ones that were on sale were either of low quality or were excessively heavy. They all have now improved a lot. I couldn’t resist it any longer and settled on this one after scouring Walmart, Target, Sports Authority, Dick’s, Modell’s, and KMart. I was astonished that Amazon didn’t sell nearly as many BMX bikes as I had expected. I was interested in a $150 silver Mongoose freestyle bike.

I also wanted a bland, unobtrusive color to avoid drawing attention to myself. This bike’s silver is more of a multi-silver, with varying levels of gleam. To dim the color, I plan to sandpaper the bike and spray paint it with a clear matte. A BMX bike has only one gear. This bike’s gear is roughly equivalent to gear 5 on a 10-speed cycle. It makes uphills tough, but not impossible, over short lengths of less than a quarter mile.

Another benefit of one-gear motorcycles is that the gears do not protrude too much to the right of the bike. This means you can wear long pants and jeans without them getting on the gears. In any case, this bike comes with a plastic gear protection. Overall, I’m pleased with this bicycle. It appears to be well constructed.

Although one of the aluminum bars appears to have a paint chip inside it, it produces a sliding noise when I stow it in my car. There is no sound when I ride my bike. The bike’s seat is also rather comfortable. When I was a youngster, I recall riding BMX bikes and thinking they were difficult, narrow, and unpleasant. At this price, I’m sure I’d have been satisfied with a Mongoose as well. However, I was able to obtain this one and am pleased with it.